Anduril Version Check Mode

Why should you check your version?

First: if you don’t know whether you’re running Anduril 1 or 2, I recommend doing that first so you know which manual to reference for your light.

With that out of the way, it’s good to know how to check your version because:

How to get to Version Check Mode

On either Anduril 1 or Anduril 2, you get to Version Check Mode the same way:

  • When the light is Off, enter: 15C

You can actually enter more than 15 clicks in case you want to go click crazy. This works in Anduril 2 in either Simple UI or Advanced UI.

Reading the output

Number Blinks
2 ••
3 •••
4 ••••
5 •••••
6 ••••••
7 •••••••
8 ••••••••
9 •••••••••
0 (fast blink!)

On some lights, such as my Noctigon KR1 W1 Green, the zero is pretty difficult to see. In these cases, I have to resort to guessing that there’s a zero digit there based on the timing/pacing of the blinks.

Anduril 1 Version Number

On Anduril 1, the version number is a date with the format:


For example, my Emisar D4V2 running Anduril 1 has the version number:


Which tells me that the light is running a HEX built on October 15th, 2019.

Anduril 2 Version Number

On Anduril 2, the version number is a date in addition to a 4-digit models number with the format:


For instance, my 2-channel Emisar DT8 came stock with Anduril 2 with the version number:


Which tells me that the light came with a HEX built on November 3rd, 2021 with a models number of: 0135.

The 4-digit models number corresponds to numbers in the Anduril 2 MODELS file which is used to find the correct HEX to use when flashing/upgrading your firmware.

Good work, fellow nerd!

Now that you’ve learned the sacred incantation of the Anduril version check, you’ve leveled up your flashlight geekery to impress all your friends at your next evening party where you’ll inevitably bring out your flashlights and blind them with turbo.

Stay bright, my friends!