Anduril 2: Dual Channel Features

This page refers to features of Anduril 2.

You may be looking for the Anduril 1 manual or Check if you're running Anduril 1 or 2.

Anduril 2 has support for controlling flashlights that have 2 channels such as the Dual Channel Emisar D4V2 or Dual Channel Emisar D4K.

Using the 2 Channels

The most common use of 2 channels is in Ramp Mode. When the light is On in Ramp Mode, enter 3H.

If the Tint Ramp Style is configured for Smooth style, the light will gradually fade between a mixture of the 2 channels. If it’s configured for Toggle style, it will instantly switch between the 2 channels.

You can also enter 3H on other modes such as Candle Mode or the other Blinky/Utility modes or Strobe modes.

Tint Ramp Style

You have a choice of 2 styles:

For emitter pairings where the blend of the 2 sets of LEDs work well together, you likely want to use the Smooth Tint Ramp Style.

Some ideas when Smooth style may make sense:

  • 2 channels with similar LEDs but varying color temperatures (e.g., Nichia 519A 2700K/5700K)
  • You’re a mad scientist and want to mix different colored LEDs like green and blue together. You monster (see below).

Other times, you may not want to mix the 2 channels together. For instance, I have a Dual Channel Emisar D4V2 with red and amber emitters where blending the two makes for a strange red halo around the beam. I prefer to only have one channel on at a time. In these cases, I configure my light to use the Toggle Tint Ramp Style.

Some ideas when Toggle style may make sense:

  • One floody and channel and one throwy channel with different beam shapes that would not be suitable for mixing together.
  • Different colored emitters like green/blue or red/amber where you don’t want the colors to blend together.
  • A light like the Emisar DM1.12 that’s specifically designed for toggling between a floody and throwy channel.

Configuring Tint Ramp Style

To switch between Smooth and Toggle Time Ramp Styles:

  1. Ensure Advanced UI is enabled.
  2. When the light is Off, enter 9H.
  3. On the last click, almost immediately you’ll notice the light flash, which indicates that the light has entered the Misc Config Menu. At this point you can release the button. (Note: if you hold too long you’ll end up configuring Jump Start instead, so be ready to let go fairly quickly after the 9H).
  4. The light will begin to buzz, which means it’s ready to accept your input:
    • For Smooth style: press nothing and wait for the buzz to stop.
    • For Toggle style: enter 1C and wait for the buzz to stop.
  5. The light will return to Off and be ready to be used. Enter Ramp Mode with 1C and input 3H to try it out.

Auto Tint Mode

When using the Smooth ramp style, you can automatically change the tint of the light based on the brightness level of the light by enabling Auto Tint Mode.

For instance, on my Dual Channel Emisar DT8 with E21A 2000k/5000k, at the bottom of the ramp (dimmest) will be a warm 2000k and as I ramp up brighter, it will gradually cool down until I’m at the top of the ramp (brightest) at 5000k.

Here’s how to enable Auto Tint Mode:

  1. Ensure the light is On in Ramp Mode.
  2. Ensure the you’re using the Smooth Tint Ramp Style (when starting the next step, you’ll probably find out pretty quickly which style you’re in).
  3. Enter 3H and keep holding to ramp all the way to the floor or all the way to the ceiling of the ramp.
  4. The light will blink and then blink again. The second blink indicates that Auto Tint Mode is enabled.