Anduril 2: Single-channel Turbo for Dual-Channel Flashlights

This page refers to features of Anduril 2.

You may be looking for the Anduril 1 manual or Check if you're running Anduril 1 or 2.

By default, on 2-channel lights like the Dual-channel Emisar D4V2, when you activate Turbo, you’re activating all of the emitters. This is sometimes referred to as “200% Turbo.” This may not always be what you want. For instance, I have a D4V2 with red/amber emitters, and mixing the two colors is very rarely what I want, but I sometimes still want to get the maximum output from either just the red or the amber LEDs.

The always-informative u/tactical_grizzly notes:

Turbo for a single channel is level 130. That’s maximum current for a single channel. Every level above that adds a little bit of the other channel in for extra brightness. Just set your ramp ceiling to level 130 and use that as turbo.

If you’d like only one channel on when you enter 2H for Turbo, you can configure the Anduril 2 with these steps:

Step 1: Set Ramp Ceiling to Level 130

  1. Ensure you’re in Advanced UI
  2. Enter 1C to activate Ramping Mode
  3. Select a ramp with: 3C
  4. Enter 7H and wait for the 2nd blink
  5. Enter 21C to set the Ramp Ceiling to level to 130
  6. Wait for the light to stop buzzing
flowchart TD A((OFF)) -->|1C| B1(Ramping Mode) B1 -->|3C| C[Select Ramp] B1 -->|7H| D(Ramp Config Mode) D -->|Wait for 2nd blink| E[Ramp Ceiling Input:\nBuzzing light] E -->|21C| F[Buzzing light] F --> G[Steady light] subgraph " " D E F end style A fill:#000,color:#fff

Step 2: Set Turbo Style to No Turbo

  1. Ensure the light is still in Ramping Mode
  2. Enter 10H and wait for the 4th blink
  3. Wait for the light to stop buzzing to set your Advanced UI’s turbo style to: No turbo, only ceiling.
flowchart TD B1(Ramping Mode) -->|10H| C[Ramp Extras Config] C -->|Wait for 4th blink| D[Buzzing light] D --> E[Steady light] subgraph " " C D end

Try it out

  1. Ensure the light is still in Ramping Mode
  2. Enter 3H and ramp your tint to only one set of emitters
  3. Enter 2H and notice you’ll be on the ceiling of your current channel.
flowchart LR B1(Ramping Mode) -->|3H| C[Ramp to one channel only] B1 -->|2H| T[Turbo!]

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