Emisar D4v2: Anduril 2 HEX File Selection for Flashing Firmware

One great thing about the Emisar D4v2 is that it can be flashed with newer versions of Anduril as updates come out. Figuring out which HEX file can be confusing, however.

NOTE: This guide does not account for flashing of the Tint Ramp/Channel Switching version of the D4v2.

Already running Anduril 2?

For lights that are already running Anduril 2, I highly recommend that you get a read out of the version that is currently on your light. This will give you a 12-digit number with the last 4 digits being a model number that can be used to correspond with HEX file loaded on your light.

WARNING: Record your current version before flashing! Once you flash a new HEX onto your light, and if you make a mistake, you won't be able to confidently know what the original HEX file was on your light.

From ToyKeeper’s instructions:

  1. Use the version check function to find out which flavor of the firmware the light shipped with. It should blink out a date and maybe a 4-digit number after the date – YYYYMMDDNNNN. Write this down. Version check is 15 or more clicks from Off.

  2. Match up the 4-digit NNNN number in the MODELS file.

  3. Find the newest firmware for that model. You may need to scroll down to reach the newest files.

Upgrading from Anduril 1

If you’re upgrading from Anduril 1, you won’t have a reliable version/model number you can map to a HEX file. In this case, to choose the correct HEX file, you should consider both the emitter and the driver in your D4v2.

Emitter Driver Driver color HEX
SST-20 FET+1 Red anduril.[DATE].emisar-d4v2.hex
SST-20 Linear White anduril.[DATE].noctigon-kr4.hex
XP-L HI FET+1 Red anduril.[DATE].emisar-d4v2.hex
XP-L HI Linear White anduril.[DATE].noctigon-kr4.hex
219B Linear White anduril.[DATE].noctigon-kr4-nofet.hex
E21A Linear White anduril.[DATE].noctigon-kr4-nofet.hex

Notice how some drivers actually use a file named kr4. Yep.

You can, theoretically, flash the noctigon-kr4 HEX with the 219B emitter, but you run the risk of damaging the emitter. We don’t necessarily own these lights because they’re the most safe lights, right? 🔥

Emisar D4v2: white and red drivers White and red colored Emisar D4v2 drivers

Download and flash with the latest HEX for your torch

  1. Look for the corresponding HEX file on ToyKeeper’s website.
  2. Go forth and flash your Emisar D4v2.