Anduril 2 Source Code Moved to GitHub

With revision 659, ToyKeeper moved the Anduril 2 source code to GitHub. The source was previously hosted in the Launchpad code repository.

I think I wasn’t alone in finding Launchpad tricky to navigate Anduril’s source. I was also not used to how to contribute or keep up with updates with the repository.

This move to GitHub is a welcome change, and I’m glad she’s done it.

With the move comes what I consider some improvements:

  • Better UI for documentation. The official manual is now a markdown file(!), which includes formatting and inline images. I’m flattered to see a lot of the formatting is similar to what I’ve applied to my version of the manual.
  • Issues. The previous equivalent seemed to be scattered around forums and Reddit. It’s a lot easier to see these and the discussions in one place.
  • It’s Git. The old repository used Bazaar which I’m less familiar with. I use git on a day-to-day basis, so I’ve got a lot of muscle memory in using its commands.
  • It’s GitHub. OK, I use GitHub on a daily basis already too, so having a familiar interface for navigating PRs and commits is also a big in in my book.

All around, happy to see that ToyKeeper’s made this move. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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