Anduril 1 or 2? What version is on your flashlight?

When you get an Anduril light like the Emisar D4V2 or the BLF LT1, it may not be clear to you what version is installed on the flashlight.

Lockout Method

Here’s a simple way to check if you’re running Anduril 1 or 2, as suggested by u/tactical_grizzly:

  1. Enter Lockout Mode (4C from Off)
  2. Now do another 4C
  3. What’s the state of the light?
State Version
Off Anduril 1
Light is on in Ramping Mode Anduril 2

flowchart TD A((OFF)) -->|4C| B(Lockout Mode) B -->|4C| C{State?} C ---|Off| D[Anduril 1] C ---|On/Ramping Mode| E[Anduril 2] style A fill:#000,color:#fff

Momentary Ceiling Method

  1. When the light is in Off, enter 2H and keep holding
  2. What happens?
Brightness Version
Gets bright then dims down Anduril 1
Stays bright until you let go Anduril 2

What now?

Great! Armed with what version of Anduril you have on your light, you’re ready to dive in to:

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