Noctigon KR4: New Boost Driver

The Noctigon KR4 has a new driver in town: the boost (12V) driver. There’s a new option on the KR4 product page which lets you select this new driver for an additional price.

The boost driver upgrade is available for the quad version of XP-L HI, SST-20, Osram W1/W2, Nichia 219B R9080 versions, each LED receives 2A current. The driver is not compatible with Nichia E21A, Nichia E17A, and mule versions of the flashlight. Please be noted that the boost driver version does not mean higher output than the regular version, it is a more efficient driver(90-95%).

In line with the new hardware, ToyKeeper’s committed Anduril 2 rev 644, which is an update specifically for this new KR4 12V driver.

What’s a boost driver?

A boost driver allows the LEDs to be powered by a higher voltage than what the battery outputs.

This means:

  • higher efficiency (~90-95%) than the KR4 linear/FET drivers (~75%): longer runtimes and less heat
  • more stable output across battery voltages: even if your battery’s almost out, you’ll still be able to get the same lumen output from turbo as you would if you had a fully charged battery
  • lower turbo, as the cost of higher voltage means a reduced current which results in lower maximum output
  • brighter moonlight

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