Anduril 2: Check if you're in Simple UI or Advanced UI

This page refers to features for Anduril 2.

You may be looking for the Anduril 1 manual or How to check if you're running Anduril 1 or 2.

Before you proceed, please be sure that you’re running Anduril 2 rather than Anduril 1.

Here are different methods for checking if you’re in Anduril 2’s Simple UI or Advanced UI.

Strobe Mode Check Method

Strobe Mode isn’t available in Simple UI, so we can do a check to see if the light enters Strobe Mode when we try getting to it.

  1. Start from Off
  2. Enter: 3H
  3. What the state of the light?
State UI
Emitters off Simple UI
Emitters on (strobing) Advanced UI

Battery Check Method

Battery Check continuously loops in Advanced UI but only shows the battery level once in Simple UI. Let’s check if it loops or not:

  1. Start from Off
  2. Enter Battery Check with: 3C
  3. Note if the battery check loops or not
Looping? UI
No Simple UI
Yes Advanced UI

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