FireflyLite P01 UI Manual

FireflyLite P01 UI Diagram FireflyLite P01 UI Diagram/Flowchart (Alternative Diagram)

The FireflyLite P01 is a compact 14500 flashlight with auxilary LEDs and TIR optics. It runs on the FireflyLite P-Series UI.

Low Battery Warning

When the battery is low, the Auxilary LEDs on the P01 will flash when the light is Off.

UI Reference Table

Mode Button Action
Off 1C On: Generate Mode (Medium)
Off 1H Eco Mode (with memory)
Off 2C Turbo
Off 3C Self-Defense Mode
Off 4C Lockout
Off 9C Toggle Auxiliary LEDs
Generate 1C Off
Generate 1H Toggle High/Medium
Generate 2C Turbo
Eco 1H Toggle Low/Ultra Low
Eco 2C Turbo
Turbo 1C Off
Turbo 2C Previous mode
Lockout 4C Off
Self-Defense 1C Strobe
Self-Defense 2C Turbo
Self-Defense 3C Off
Strobe 1C Self-Defense
Strobe 1H SOS
Strobe 2C Turbo
Strobe 3C Off
SOS 1C Self-Defense
SOS 1H Strobe
SOS 2C Turbo
SOS 3C Off

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