Hanklight Order #5: November 2021, I'm on an Ultra Light Beam

Order date November 12, 2021
Shipped November 16, 2021
Delivered November 29, 2021
Hanklights 1
Accessories 1

Noctigon KR4, Cyan, 3W UV Mule

A friend who works at a local bar asked me what the best UV (Ultra-violet) light would be. While I still don’t have the right answer to that, I was curious what a UV light could do. I hadn’t gotten my hands on a KR4 yet, so I thought this would be a good excuse to handle both itches at once. The KR4 has more premium feel to the body than the D4V2, so I can see why Hank charges a little more for it.

Model Noctigon KR4
Color Cyan
LED 8*3W UV mule with ZWB2 filter
Tailcap with trit slot
Add-ons 18350 tube


Anduril 2 had been out for a couple months, and ToyKeeper was making new updates to it regularly. I wanted to get some of the cool new features of Anduril 2 on my older lights as well as stay up to date to make sure I wasn’t missing out on bugfixes and updates. Heck, maybe I’d be able to do some fun customizations on my own too!

Item Model
Reflashing kit Emisar D4V2 / D4SV2 / KR4 reflashing kit