Hanklight Order #4: October 2021, Green and Gold

Order date October 17, 2021
Shipped October 20, 2021
Delivered November 2, 2021
Hanklights 3

Emisar D4V2, Grey, XP-L HI 4000K

After having explored the SST-20 and 219B from my previous orders, I was curious of what other emitters would look like. To compare, I got a D4V2 with an XP-L HI with the same CRT as my SST-20 at 4000K. It would be a great way of seeing what a difference higher CRI makes with colors. I also wanted the chance to check out the grey anodizing as well as the cyan button.

Model Emisar D4V2
Color Grey
LED Neutral White - XP-L HI V2 5D, 4000K
Switch back tint light Cyan
Switch retaining ring Raised
Add-ons 18350 tube, Magnet in the tailcap

Emisar D4V2, Sand, E21A 2000K

This was a gift for my wife. I wanted to get her a high CRI light she’d be able to use in our yard when she was grilling. I wanted a “gold” color but didn’t want to get her something heavy like the D4V2 brass, so the sand color made the most sense. The warm 2000K emitter with the matching warm amber button gives this whole light a cozy feeling.

Model Emisar D4V2
Color Sand
LED E21A, R9050 Warm White, 2000K
Switch back tint light Amber
Switch retaining ring Raised
Add-ons pocket clip, 18350 tube, Magnet in the tailcap

Noctigon KR1, Black, W1 Green

I found myself being less than impressed by my first KR1 W1 and read several reports that the green emitter was a lot more impressive. This light has ended up being one of my favorites for walking the dog at night to stay visible as well as for generally wow-ing people with what a pocket-sized thrower can do.

Model Noctigon KR1
Color Black
LED W1 Green (Osram CSLNM1.F1)
Tailcap with trit slot
Add-ons 18350 tube

Noctigon KR1 beamshots

Order adjustments

I emailed Hank after ordering with these customizations:

Hi Hank,

I'd like to customize my D4V2's in this order:

Grey D4V2: can I get the cyan switch?
Sand D4V2: can I get the amber switch?


His response with his famous WSA:

Hi, Ivan, 
Ok, that is fine, will ship accordingly.