Hanklight Order #6: December 2021, Merry Dual-channel

Order date December 14, 2021
Shipped December 21, 2021
Delivered December 29, 2021
Hanklights 2

Emisar DT8, Grey, Dual-channel E21A 2000K/5000K

Dipping my toes into both a dual-channel light and the DT8. I got this with the intention of using it at home and possibly as a semi-permanent light in my closet. I wanted this light to be floody, and I’d been jealous of how warm my wife’s light was, so I got one channel with the ultra warm E21A 2000K.

The head of this light is so incredibly unique, and I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but was super curious to find out how it would effect the beam and how it held in my hand.

Model Emisar DT8
Color Grey
LED E21A 2000K/5000K
Add-ons Magnet in the tailcap

DT8 and shaver Similar head shapes

DT8 lighting up my wardrobe Using the DT8 to light up my wardrobe

Noctigon KR1, Dark Grey, W2 Deep Blue

Model Noctigon KR1
Color Dark grey
LED W2 Deep Blue
Tailcap without trit slot
Add-ons 18350 tube