Anduril 2: Configure Ramp Floor (Lowest) Brightness

This page refers to features of Anduril 2.

You may be looking for the Anduril 1 manual or Check if you're running Anduril 1 or 2.

Enter Advanced UI and enable the ramp you’d like to configure

To start, make sure you’ve enabled the ramp you’d like to configure: smooth or stepped.

When the light is on in the Advanced UI’s Ramping Mode, you can toggle between the ramps with: 3C.

Set floor to the lowest brightness (aka Moonlight)

Stay in Advanced UI and proceed with the following steps.

  1. Enter Ramp Config Mode:
    • To configure the Advanced UI ramp:
      1. Enable Ramp Mode with 1C.
      2. 7H and keep holding it!
    • To configure the Simple UI ramp:
      1. Turn the light to Off.
      2. 10H and keep holding it!
  2. You’re now in Ramp Config Mode.
  3. While you’re still holding the button, you’ll notice the light flash almost immediately after the last button press. After this flash, let go. The light will begin a buzz (flash flickering), which signals that the light is ready to accept your input.
  4. Enter: 1C.
  5. The light will continue buzzing and then stop and return to Ramping Mode with a steady light.
flowchart TD A((OFF)) -->|1C| B1(Ramping Mode) B1 -->|7H| B2[Configure\nAdvanced UI Ramp] A -->|10H| C[Configure\nSimple UI Ramp] B2 --> D(Ramp Config Mode) C --> D D -->|Wait for 1 blink| E[Ramp Floor Input:\nBuzzing light] E -->|1C| F[Buzzing light] F --> G[Steady light] subgraph "Advanced UI" A B1 B2 C RC G end subgraph RC[" "] D E F end style A fill:#000,color:#fff

Good work, you’ve configured your Anduril 2 light’s Ramping Mode’s floor to use the lowest brightness. You can now sneak around the house like a creep while your partner is sleeping without shining your bright light in their sleepy eyes.

Set floor to another brightness

If you’d like your floor to be a little bit brighter, instead of 1C as the input above, you can click to set the level you’d like for your ramp:

Clicks 1 2 3 150
Floor Level 1/150 2/150 3/150 150/150

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