Hanklight Order #3: July 2021, I am Titanium

Order date July 8, 2021
Shipped July 16, 2021
Delivered July 23, 2021
Hanklights 1

I wanted to get a light I wouldn’t mind getting scratched up over time. I knew the black anodizing would likely wear down over time on my first D4V2, so getting the Titanium felt like a fun light to have around and not worry about it getting too beat up. I was curious about the weight, and the 219b emitter was the exciting LED that had just been made available again. I wanted to see what that warmer 3500K would be like.

Emisar D4V2 Ti, 219B 3500K

Model Emisar D4V2 Ti
LED 219BT-V1, R9080 Warm White, 3500K
Switch back tint light Amber
Switch retaining ring Raised
Add-ons Extra floody optic, pocket clip, Add magnet in the tailcap

Order adjustments

I emailed Hank after ordering to add on a magnetic tailcap for my first D4V2:

Hi Hank,

I'd like to add:

Black Aluminum D4V2 Magnetic Tailcap

Can I add this to my order?


His response:

Hi, Ivan,

Ok, that is fine, please send $7 to contact@intl-outdoor.com via paypal.