Hanklight Order #8: June 2022, Shake that Wangle

Order date June 6, 2022
Shipped June 9, 2022
Delivered June 13, 2022
Hanklights 3
Accessories 4

I had a whopping 5 Hanklight orders in 2021, and I wonder if I’m on track to do the same this year or not.

All items in my order

Emisar DW4, Cyan, 519A 2700K domed

Hank released a new right angle worklight, the Emisar DW4, and I felt like my current collection of headlamps didn’t have Anduril, auxilary LEDs, or gave me much choice in warm emitters. So when the DW4 was announced, it was clear I needed to get my hands on it!

I waited first for the DW4. Then, I waited for Hank to have the 519A emitter in stock (delayed because of supply chain issues). And then, I had to wait further for him to have the 2700K’s too. The boost driver was an added bonus, as I’m concerned about the heat of this hotrod on my forehead. He also gave us a new clip with the DW4 which also works on the D4V2!

Model Emisar DW4
Color Cyan
LED 519A 2700K with dome
Add-ons Boost driver, pocket clip, headband

Noctigon KR4, Grey, 519A 3500K domed

Riding along on the 519A hype train, I decided to throw in a fun light to use around the house. I’ve loved using my D4V2 Ti 219B 3500K at home, and I kind of wanted an excuse to get another light. I’ve only owned the UV version of the KR4, so, well, why not try this one out, and compare it to the Ti?

Model Noctigon KR4
Color Grey
LED 519A 3500K with dome
Tailcap without trit slot
Add-ons 18350 tube, stainless steel bezel

Emisar D4SV2, Dark grey, W2 6000K

I’d heard about the W2 on the D4SV2 was an impressive beast to behold. I’ve been impressed with the battery life of my D4SV2 219B 2700K, which I think of as a floodier cozy light. This one will be for throwing and output. I’m looking forward to seeing how it does when we next go camping.

Model Emisar D4SV2
Color Dark grey
LED W2 (6000K, CSLPM1.TG)
Switch back tint light Green
Add-ons Magnet in the tailcap, extra tailcap without magnet

Emisar D4SV2 grey with green button


Had to get more DW4 clips to replace my D4V2 clips! I also grabbed some 26800 tubes for the D4SV2 to make their runtimes even longer. I don’t even have any 26800 batteries/chargers yet!

Item Model
Pocket clips 3x DW4 pocket clips
26350 Tube Emisar D4SV2 26350 Tube (Dark Grey)
26800 Tube Emisar D4SV2 26800 Tube (Cyan)
26800 Tube Emisar D4SV2 26800 Tube (Dark Grey)

Order adjustments

I helped a friend order another D4SV2 and another DW4 pocket clip, and I emailed Hank after ordering to make some customizations:

Hi Hank,

I'd like to make some adjustments to my order.

- Add 4x DW4 pocket clips
- For the D4SV2s, can I get:
  - 1 with the green switch
  - 1 with the cyan switch

Please let me know how much to send you for these additions.


His response:

Hi, that is fine, for the 4 pcs pocket clips,
please send $10 to contact@intl-outdoor.com via paypal, 



And after I sent it, that sweet sweet WSA:

Received, thanks, will ship accordingly.