You can always change.

My parents worked hard to support us growing up. They came to the US for the opportunity for a better life for themselves and for their children.

I graduated from high school and attended an expensive private university.

It didn’t work out.

I was disillusioned by my experience in college, and I felt I was wasting my parents’ money and my time. I quit, and it was hard to think that I was disappointing my parents who had done so much to enable me to get so far only to squander this opportunity.

I was a failure.
I felt worthless.

My dad came to pick me up from SoCal. He drove the family’s big van that we used for the family business.

On our way back to the bay, we spoke very little.

And then, he said, “Ivan, we’re in America. You can always change what you want to do.

What he said then would stay with me.

It was comfort.
It was love.
It was hope.
It was my father.

Even when I didn’t believe in myself, he believed in me.