Emisar D4V2/D4SV2: New Blue Button

Hank’s updated his lineup of flashlights with lighted buttons with a new option: blue!

It’s now available for the following:

  • Emisar D4V2 Ti
  • Emisar D4V2 Ti Colorful Series
  • Emisar D4V2 Copper
  • Emisar D4V2 Copper Dual-channel
  • Emisar D4V2 Brass
  • Emisar D4V2 Brass Dual-channel
  • Emisar D4V2 Ti Dual-channel
  • Emisar D4SV2 Dual-channel

As far as I know, you can still special order a lighted switch button for other models of the D4V2/D4SV2 if you’d like too.

From photos I’ve seen online, the blue seems to be as bright than the cyan, which I’ve found to be way too bright for use in places like a nightstand.

Looks like I’ll have to make another Hanklight order to see for myself 💸

Blue button on the DT8 Blue button on the Emisar DT8