Emisar D4V2: Aux LEDs Run Time

If you’re a new owner of an Emisar D4V2, you’ve likely come to love the build quality, the crazy complex interface of Anduril UI, and the power of holding a small sun in your pocket.

Eventually, you figure out how to actually turn the light Off after realizing that the Aux LEDs can still be on even when Off. This is immediately followed up with the questions:

Doesn’t leaving the Aux LEDs on all the time kill the battery? How long does the battery last with the Aux LEDs on?

Great and legitimate questions! Let’s get some answers. Alright, my fellow nerds, it’s maths time.

What we’ll do is figure out the run time of the battery for each Aux LED color with either Low or High brightness. We’ll be filling in this simple formula:

Battery capacity
---------------- = run time
  Current draw


  • Battery capacity: measured in mAh.
  • Current draw of a given Aux LED color: measured in mA

Considering the popular Samsung 3000mAh 30Q 18650 battery, this becomes:

------- = run time (hours)

Using Aux LED current draw numbers posted by Nismo on Budget Light Forum, we get the following run time tables. I’ve ordered the data from the longest run times to the shortest.

Low Brightness, 3000mAh battery

Color mA Run Time
Green 0.06mA 5.7 years
Blue 0.06mA 5.7 years
Red 0.08mA 4.2 years
Cyan 0.10mA 3.4 years
Purple 0.12mA 2.7 years
Yellow 0.13mA 2.6 years
White 0.17mA 2 years

High Brightness, 3000mAh battery

Color mA Run Time
Green 1.26mA 99 days
Blue 1.35mA 92 days
Cyan 2.52mA 49 days
Red 3.00mA 41 days
Yellow 4.13mA 30 days
Pink 4.20mA 29 days
White 5.29mA 23 days

Shine on you crazy Aux LEDs

If we leave our Aux LEDs on at Low brightness with either Green or Blue, we can theoretically get a whopping 5.7 years of run time! Since I keep my D4V2 in Low brightness with Volts Color, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the battery draining all that much.

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