Emisar D4V2/D4SV2: How to turn off the flashlight

This page refers to features of Anduril 1.

You may be looking for the Anduril 2 manual or Check if you're running Anduril 1 or 2.

To understand how to turn off the Emisar D4V2 or D4SV2, you first have to understand about the colored Aux LEDs and how they relate to Off and Lockout Mode in Anduril UI (the firmware that runs on the flashlight).

Colored Aux LEDs

If you’re seeing the colored Aux LEDs, you might think the light is still on when in fact you could actually be in Off.

No matter what brightness or color of the Aux LEDs, you’re either in Off or Lockout Mode.

What mode you’re in depends on how the Aux LEDs are configured for these modes.

D4V2’s colored Aux LEDs Colored Aux LEDs means you’re in Off or Lockout Mode


Off is probably the mode you’re trying to get to when you’re thinking about turning the flashlight off. In this mode, one Click on the button enters you into Ramping Mode, a mode which behaves similarly to a normal flashlight’s “on,” with the primary white lights turned on.

Lockout Mode

Lockout Mode is for keeping the flashlight in a safe state so you don’t accidentally turn on the light in your pocket and burn yourself (yes, this is possible). In this mode, the primary white lights (not the Aux LEDs) are only on when you’re pressing down on the button.

Which mode am I in?

How can you tell which mode you’re in? I have my own setup where I configure the brightness of the Aux LEDs to let me know which mode I’m in.

Without configuring the flashlight, in either mode, you can press a single Click:

  • If the primary white light comes on only momentarily when the button is pressed, then you’re in Lockout Mode.
  • If the primary white light stays on, you were in Off and are now in Ramping Mode.

How do I get to Off in Ramping Mode?

In Ramping Mode, Click once to get it to Off.

How do I get to Off in Lockout Mode?

In Lockout Mode, 4 Clicks will get you to Off.

Doesn’t keeping the Aux LEDs on drain the battery?

Great question! If you’re keeping your Aux LEDs at Low Brightness, it can take from 2-5 years to completely drain the battery. If you have it on High Brightness: 23-99 days.

Still confused?

When first using my first D4V2, I had a fair share of confusion as to where I was in the Anduril UI diagram. Once I understood how the Aux LEDs related to Off and Lockout Mode, things became a lot more clear.

Honestly, Anduril UI can be really confusing when you first encounter it. It’s designed for flashlight enthusiasts, and there’s no shame in not knowing what’s going on. Interfaces with modes are notoriously tricky to understand and learn.

In the first few weeks of owning my Emisar D4V2, I just unscrewed the back cap to turn it off. You can do the same until you get the hang of Anduril UI.

The path forward is illuminated

Hopefully, I’ve been able to help shine the light of knowledge and understanding for you to see how to think about the UI on this fun little flashlight.