What the what? TurtleCoin?

What TurtleCoin?

  • privacy coin
  • mining with CPU (and GPU)
  • developers focused on technology (rather than market price)
  • good intro to crypto development

Things you can learn

I like to learn by doing, and playing around with TurtleCoin is lot safer and fun for me than trying to learn from something like Bitcoin. I can mine it, get some coins, and play around with sending and receiving transactions in a low-stakes environment.

Of note, things I’ve done with TurtleCoin:

  • Setup a miner and connected to a mining pool
  • Setup a node
  • Setup wallets
  • Wrote code to interface with the daemon
  • Submitted PRs on GitHub

Where buy?

I honestly don’t know. Just mine it until we get to v2.

What mining pool?

I’ve been on Mine2Gether. Check out other pools, but I’d recommend staying away from pools that own a majority of the hashrate to help keep the network secure.

What v2?

  • v1 waste space with empty blocks
  • v1 Proof of Work
  • v2 Proof of Stake 🥩
  • v2 faster transactions
  • v2 pruning
  • more in FAQ

When v2?

Currently, launch of the v2 chain is estimated for the end of March 2022. For the latest update, hop into the TurtleCoin Discord and type .v2 into #general. Also, be sure to say hi!

When moon?

We full moon once a month. On some months, we even full moon twice a month! 🌝

Where learn more?