Anduril 1: What is Muggle Mode?

This page refers to features of Anduril 1.

You may be looking for the Anduril 2 manual or Check if you're running Anduril 1 or 2.

Muggle Mode is a safety feature of Anduril UI version 1.

Much like how a pocket knife can be unsafe to give to just anyone, it can be dangerous to hand an untrained user an Anduril flashlight like the Emisar D4V2 or D4SV2. These kinds of enthusiast lights can get incredibly bright and blind the user, but it can also get so hot so fast that it can start fires. Strobe Mode, can at the least disorient someone, but at the worst, it can trigger seizures. These torches are no joke.

Sometimes, you need to hand your flashlight over to someone to use, but it may not be safe to allow them to use all the features of your light. In these cases, it’s recommended that you set the flashlight into Muggle Mode.

From the Anduril UI manual:

This is a simpler and less-bright interface which makes the light relatively safe to lend to children or other people who could use the light unsafely.

The brightness in this mode usually goes from about 10 lm to 300 lm.

Muggle Mode Features

flowchart LR A((OFF)) <--->|6C| B(On) B <-->|1C| C(Off) B -->|1H| D[Change brightness] subgraph "Muggle Mode" direction LR B C D end style A fill:#000,color:#fff
  • Turn the flashlight on/off with 1 Click
  • Change brightness with Hold, but cannot get up to turbo
  • Exit Muggle Mode with 6 Clicks
  • Stays in Muggle Mode even after removing/replacing the battery

What is a Muggle?

The term is made most widely known from Harry Potter:

The term Muggle is sometimes used in a pejorative manner in the novels. Since Muggle refers to a person who is a member of the non-magical community, Muggles are simply ordinary human beings without any magical abilities and almost always with no awareness of the existence of magic.

Thus, this mode is appropriately named: those who have yet to be illuminated by the power of Anduril cannot see the power that lay right in front of them–if only they were able to see it.

Other safety features of Anduril

Additional safety features for Emisar D4V2

  • Tailcap can be loosened for safely putting in a bag
  • Optional raised switch retaining ring makes it harder to accidentally press the button