Emisar D4V2 Accessories

If your mind wasn’t in enough of a tizzy from ordering a Emisar D4V2 with options like body color, metal/material, LED, and raised vs switch button, there’s also accessories you can get for your light to customize it even more.

Stock options

These are the goodies already offered as add-ons when you order the D4V2. I make it a point to always get both the Magnetic Tailcap and the 18350 tube for all of my lights.

Pocket clips

The stock pocket clip is notorious for not being as high quality as the rest of the light: it can easily accidentally come off and is prone to breaking as well.

  • Emisar DW4 Clip: fits the D4V2 perfectly without any modification!
  • Modified Olight M2R Clip: most recommended by the community, but does require some work to get it to fit.
  • Not exactly a clip, but as an alternative, I like to use a Magnetic hook with carabiner with my D4V2 with a magnetic tailcap. Be warned: Hank isn’t consistent with the direction of his magnets, so these may not always work for you.


When you want some ambient/mood lighting that’s not gonna glare in your face. I like to even diffuse the Aux LEDs to use for a multi-colored party atmosphere in the yard.

Emisar D4V2 with diffuser and magnetic hook u/greenmikey’s diffuser and magnetic hook with carabiner