Emisar D4V2: Switch Retaining Ring

What is the Switch Retaining Ring?

Around the Emisar D4V2’s button (aka, “switch”), you’ll notice a metallic ring that encompasses it. The area around the button will be how you feel for the button when interacting with the D4V2, and for many folks this can be an important ergonomic factor.

I think of these flashlights, much like pocket knives, to be fancy fidget spinners for adults. I certainly spend an obscene amount of time sliding my thumb across the knurling on the body of the light. The switch retaining ring is another part of the tactile experience of playing with the D4V2.

Flat vs Raised option

Take a look at the photos below:

Emisar D4V2 flat and raised switch retaining ring Flat vs raised switch retaining ring

Notice on the left how the ring is flat and the right has the raised ring.

Here are some additional photos of the raised switch:

Raised Switch Pros

  • It’s an added security feature to help make it less likely that you’ll accidentally press the button in your pocket (and start fires!).
  • It protects the rubber on the button.
  • I think it looks really good on the Emisar D4V2 Ti with the amber switch. I don’t have this option right now, but looking at pics makes it seem like the switch glows a lot larger than it is.
  • Some folks have said it can add an “industrial look” to the flashlight.
  • It can make it easier to find the button without looking.

Raised Switch Cons

What do I think?

I currently only have the flat switch and haven’t felt a need to secure the button from accidental presses. I also raw-dog my iPhone without a case too, so my use may not be like yours. I like the clean flush look of the flat button.

However, if I were to get the D4V2 Ti with the LED switch, I’d get the raised switch to get the cool glow effect.

Hope this helps you in deciding on which type of switch you get!

Emisar D4V2 Ti raised and flat switch retaining ring Raised and flat switch retaining ring on the D4V2 Ti