Emisar D4V2: Extra Floody Optic

When ordering the Emisar D4V2, one of the options you’re presented with is whether to include an “Extra floody optic” at an additional price. What does this option mean?

  • The optic is a piece of plastic that sits behind the glass and and the emitters. It helps to shape the beam of the light.
  • The “extra” here means “additional” and not necessarily extra super-dooper floody.

You’ll get two optics in your order: the standard optic in addition to the floody optic. You can easily swap between the two optics without needing any specialized tools or skills (although, I find that it helps to have some sticky tape to pull the optic out).

The product page for the D4V2 has now (as of May 2022) been updated to use the language “Additional floody optic” instead, which is a lot more clear.

Great to see Hank making updates to the site to help new buyers have a less confusing time!

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