Making Coffee with a French Press

I make my coffee in the mornings with a 36 oz Frieling French Press in Brushed Finish.

I had previously used a french press from Ikea UPPHETTA, but found it precarious to wash, and I wanted something sturdier that I could rely on to stay intact for years to come.


  1. Boil about 1L of water in Black & Decker electric kettle
  2. While waiting, pour beans into Mr. Coffee Blade Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System
  3. Grind away!
  4. Pour into the french press
  5. When water is done boiling, pour boiling water into french press
  6. Place lid on top of french press, but do not press down yet
  7. Set timer for 4 minutes and let brew
  8. When timer is done, press down
  9. Pour coffee into mugs
  10. Enjoy!

Here are the measurements I use:

Servings Coffee Grinder Cups Grind Water Brew Time
1 person 25g 4 Coarse 325g 4min
2 persons 50g 4 Coarse 650g 4min
3 persons 60g 4 Coarse 800g 4min

These measurements aren’t as precise as most probably purists are comfortable with, but they’ve served me well in my daily grind and palette.

Making coffee with my Frieling French Press

Frieling 36oz French Press Mesh Screen Replacements

Frieling sells replacement mesh screens, but it’s hard to justify paying for shipping for just a single item.

If you’re looking for alternatives, consider the 36oz press has:

  • Diameter: 4"
  • Height without lid: 8"

You should be able to get a corresponding generic screen for 3.5"/4" size.