Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt

The cotton crew neck t-shirt is a core part of my men’s capsule wardrobe. But you can’t just grab any t-shirt and expect it to be comfortable and fit you well. You don’t want it to long or too short, and you want it to feel good against your skin. Here are some things to look for.


  • Check the shoulders first: does the seam between the body of the shirt and the sleeve meet the far edge of your shoulder? Ideally, this is where it should be.
  • Sleeves should not have extra fabric but should not be squeezing your bicep; it should be relaxed but not sloppy
  • The shirt length should cover your belt line and no more than an inch further down
  • The width around your waist should leave an unbroken line on your silhouette so the shirt seamlessly transitions to your pants


  • Do your nipples show? Do you care?
  • Is there a tag on the collar or in the seam? Would this irritate you? Would you be able to just cut it off?