Sushi Party

Our first Sushi Party Our first Sushi Party in 2019

Where to get ingredients

Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley is highly recommended. You go up to the counter, grab a number, and when it’s your turn, tell them what type of fish you’d like and how much. When I saw that they had fresh wasabi root, I was impressed. They’ll even give you a bag of ice so you can make sure your fish stay fresh in transport.

Alternatively, if you’re in San Francisco, Nijiya Market has a good selection of fish as well.

Wasabi root Real wasabi root: not horse radish!

What fish to get

Here’s what I once got for a sushi party I’d prepared for my wife and I:

  • Tuna (maguro): 3/4 pound (~$20/lb)
  • Salmon (sake): 1 pound (~$20/lb)
  • Hamachi: 1/2 pound (~$22/lb)
  • Imitation crab (kanikama)


I’ve been quite pleased with using Kokuho Rose Premium Quality rice. I’ll get a 10 pound bag. I’ll season the rice with Tamanoi Sushinoko instead of trying to season it myself with vinegar. In my opinion, I think it’s perfectly fine for making sushi at home, and saves a lot of time for my needs.

I use about 300g of cooked rice to 3 teaspoons of sushinoko, sprinkled on the rice while it’s still hot from the rice cooker.

I like to cook my rice with a Zojirushi Neuro-fuzzy rice cooker.

Valentines Sushi Party 2020 Valentine’s Sushi Party 2020

Types of sushi

I’ll prepare several different types of sushi:

  • Nigiri
  • Maki
  • Temaki (handrolls)

I’ll also leave some pieces of fish to eat as sashimi as well. These can be used in making Temaki during the meal well.

Temaki handroll sushi Temaki handroll sushi

Kaiware sprouts Kaiware sprouts