• Men's Capsule Wardrobe

    This is an opinionated men’s capsule wardrobe that I’ve designed that’s versatile and allows me to grab any combination of these items and look good going out the door. It reduces decisions I would have to otherwise make in the morning about what I should wear.

  • Wardrobe: Summer Pack

    This is an expansion pack from my Men’s Capsule Wardrobe. It expands from the capsule, using some pieces already there to build out your wardrobe for the warmers months of the year.

  • Closet Wardrobe Organization

    I use my closet every day, well, except the days where I’m a total bum and lounge around in my pajamas. As I built out my capsule wardrobe, I wanted a way to keep my articles of clothing in order with structure and intention.

  • Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt

    The cotton crew neck t-shirt is a core part of my men’s capsule wardrobe. But you can’t just grab any t-shirt and expect it to be comfortable and fit you well.

  • Haruki Murakami x UNIQLO

    When I saw that Murakami had written a Japanese translation of JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, I thought it was incredible that two of my favorite authors could somehow share the same words but in a kind of parallel universe with each other.

  • Dressing for the masquerade of life

    From Alan Watt’s essay titled Clothes–On and Off in the book Does It Matter?: Conventional male dress is trussing. It is tight, stiff, and constricting, and we are so habituated to it that many people feel vaguely guilty when, several hours after arising, they are still clad in some loose-fitting robe.