Wardrobe: Summer Pack

This is an expansion pack from my Men’s Capsule Wardrobe. It expands from the capsule, using some pieces already there to build out your wardrobe for the warmers months of the year.

  • White leather sneakers
    • You already have this from the Capsule. Great! These are perfect for summertime vibes 😎
    • A great pair that I love are Nike Air Force 1’s.
  • No show socks
    • These are great for wearing with shorts for a relaxed look.
    • Find a pair that have a grip at the heel, otherwise you’ll risk them slipping off on you while walking around.
  • Cotton crew neck t-shirts
    • You’ve got these from the Capsule! Yay! All those colors are great, but I prefer lighter colors like the white and light grey for warm days.
  • Crew neck undershirt
    • On very hot days, it’s actually pretty helpful to have an undershirt under your t-shirt. What? Wear more on hot days? Yep. Those cotton t-shirts don’t do a very good job keeping the sweat off your skin, but a good undershirt to wick away your sweat and keep you cooler.
    • Essential colors:
      • White
      • Light grey
    • Check out Uniqlo AIRism or Under Armour.
  • Chino shorts
    • The biggest things you want to look for here are:
      • Length: no longer than 1 inch above the knees. Some brands let you buy different lengths. If they feel too short, and you’re feeling like your junk is slipping out, they’re probably too short.
      • Fabric around the legs: much like your t-shirt, you want this to form a good silhouette that runs from your waist down to where your leg is exposed. It shouldn’t be too tight, but it shouldn’t be like you’re wearing a parachute around your legs.
    • Do NOT get cargo shorts. There should be no pockets on the legs. If you ask most women, they will almost unilaterally agree that cargo shorts are ugly 👎🏼
    • Essential colors:
      • Navy
      • Khaki
  • Swimming trunks
    • The same things to look for in Chino shorts apply here.
    • Colors:
      • Anything! Go wild!
  • Sandals/Flip-flops

Don’t forget to get some sunblock!

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