Wishes of a Programmer

May all comments be clear.
May all documentation be understood.
May I not repeat yourself.
May I get along with my teammates.
May I take ownership of my mistakes.
May I choose the perfect word to describe an abstract concept.
May I write honest code.
May I truly grok the system.
May all tests pass.
May I configure my editor perfectly for my needs.
May I remember every hot key.
May I constantly refactor.
May it work as expected during demo.
May it work the same way in production that it does in development.
May the concerns be separated.
May there not be any pre-optimization.
May merges be without conflict.
May commit messages be descriptive and useful.
May I build good tools for myself.
May I have fun gadgets to play with, like flashlights.
May bugs be reproducible.
May crashes be logged with a stack trace.
May I prevent scope creep.
May my code style be consistent.
May abstractions and conventions be respected.
May no code go unused.
May I appreciate the work of others who came before me.
May I constantly be learning.
May writing code and debugging be done methodically.
May all my programming wishes come true.