Weekly Roundup: March 31-April 6, 2019

Be careful about who hears your tapping on your phone:

When a user taps the screen with a finger, the tap generates a sound wave that propagates on the screen surface and in the air. We found the device’s microphone(s) can recover this wave and “hear” the finger’s touch, and the wave’s distortions are characteristic of the tap’s location on the screen.

Housing policy isn’t just about housing. It’s also about transportation and climate as well.

Learn yourself some Turtle Coin for Great Good. Just very basics of getting setup right now. I’m hoping it’ll get some more meat here over time for the community.

Compressing the blockchain by O(1) Labs. It’s great to hear that this is now possible so we can begin to have more mobile-friendly blockchains.

$ prune google+

^related: Google Graveyard.

Real life blindspotting:

“People have told me, ‘It’s not that I didn’t see the black maid in the painting, I just didn’t know what to say about her’”

Web development, illustrated. Reminds me of the very helpful drawings of content hugging vs content compression resistance priority on Stack Overflow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-googled this to reference these answers.

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