Apple Watch

My uses for Apple Watch

  • Alarm. It’s a lot more gentle to be woken up from the wrist vibration than with a loud noise.
  • Siri. I’ve found that activating Siri is one of the more problematic parts of using her. So instead, I hold down the crown to activate her, which is convenient, easily accessible, and dependable. Common examples I use for her are:
    • “Remind me to look up Soba Ichi in Oakland”
    • “Set a timer for 10 minutes”
    • “What’s the weather like today?”
    • “Turn off all lights”
    • “Add salami to my grocery list
  • Apple Music. Volume control and skipping to the next track.
  • Apple Pay. Unlike on my iPhone, I don’t have to authenticate before activating Apple Pay. When a store has contactless payments, this is like magic. This even works when I forget to bring my iPhone with me to the grocery store.
  • Skiing. I’ve used Slopes, but I haven’t done much evaluation of others yet.
  • Phone calls. This is a more rare case, but it’s useful when I do this. I’m sometimes away from my phone at home but have the watch on, so it’s easy to just pick up the phone to quickly answer. I’ll typically do this for quick calls only.
  • Notifications. I have a tendency to miss notifications on my iPhone. I’ve calibrated the settings on my watch so I don’t get too much noise from apps that aren’t as high priority.
  • 1Password. Some passwords that are commonly used, but not enough that I remember them. Also, my debit card for my PIN that I never remember, as it’s handy to be able to look at instead of taking my phone out at the ATM.
  • Apple Maps. There was a small learning curve to understand the haptic feedback between the left and right turn. After that, though, it’s great to get feedback for turn directions for walking. It’s a little less of a win for driving for me, but it’s still a nice additional confirmation that I’m expecting an upcoming turn.


  • I don’t like how I have to wait a small bit of time to see my watch face. I need my time now! :)
  • Raise to speak for Siri mis-triggered too many times. One time, it started calling someone. I’ve disabled it, as it’s too dangerous and easy to mistakenly trigger.

Additional thoughts

  • Walkie-Talkie. I’ve used this once so far, and it’s been hit or miss. I haven’t had opportunities that make sense yet. Will update when I’ve tried it out more.
  • I met someone who hates the default notifications for the activity rings and breathing. I’ve noticed something similar in my usage as well. I think I do a decent job of moving around during the day, and it interrupts me when I’m in the middle of my day and getting a notification that I achieved my ring goal for the day. I do keep the standing, though, which I find useful still.
  • I heard a co-worker say to another co-worker: “Do you wanna get an Apple Watch and we can work out together?” It made me think of how Apple Watch is a social platform, especially with Activity Sharing. Is this Apple’s gateway into social (since they seem to be failing with Apple Music)?