Mitch Murder - Palmer's Arcade


Sample at 3:02, Greg

There’s a very prominent sample of someone named Greg speaking with a reporter starting around 3:02. The sample is from the TV show 30 Minutes on an episode titled Video Game History.

The quote is by Greg Davies from Fresno, California:

Greg Davies from Fresno, California, talking about how people look up to you at the arcade Greg Davies, the voice from Palmer’s Arcade

Greg: You make a lot more friends around here. People look up to you–y’know. There’s a lot of people that… ah, well, “Here–here’s Greg–here comes Greg again.”

Reporter: Did it change your life, Greg?

Greg: Oh, yeah. I.. it’s… now my life centers around the game–the games–arcades and stuff. That’s… right now that’s my thing.

Greg Davies playing games at the arcade.

I think Neo Electro has a great note about this sample and the album:

It’s truly fresh, honest and insightful. I was caught off guard by how innocent it sounded. People having fun, playing, living, just enjoying their time on planet earth. Mitch Murder has done it - he’s captured the 1980s in an album, and it’s not forced over overblown but subtle and reflective. It was a special time.

Even more amazing to hear is that, in 1981, Greg ended up becoming a night manager at a pizza parlor and at one point owned six video games at pizza parlors.

Now Davies is 19, a college student, night manager at a pizza parlor and owner of six video games in pizza parlors.

“You might spend a little too much money on the games or play them too much,” Davies says. “But no matter what hobby you have, you’re going to spend money. And this way, at least, parents know where their kids are.”

What’s Next?

I like to follow-up this track with something like A Real Hero by Electric Youth.