Little Countdown: Task Suggestions

Today, with the release of Little Countdown v2.8, we’re introducing a new feature: Task Suggestions.

Now it’s even easier to create a list of Tasks. When creating a new Task, select from a list of suggested Tasks, complete with their durations. See previously created and used Tasks to quickly add them to your Countdown, saving you time and effort.

No more staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with new Tasks every time you start a new Countdown. Task Suggestions gives you a great starting point whenever setting up a new Countdown.

In addition to saving time, Task Suggestions also helps you remember important Tasks that you might have forgotten otherwise. See Tasks you’ve completed for past Countdowns, making it easy to remember what you need to do for future events.

To use Task Suggestions, simply add a new Task to a Countdown and start typing the title for your Task. As you type, you’ll see suggested Tasks based on your previous Countdowns. You can select a suggested Task and you’ll have the Task filled with the suggested title and duration.

Download Little Countdown for iOS and start using Task Suggestions for help staying organized and on track.

Try it out. We can’t wait to hear how it works for you.