What are you?

Are you your body?
Are you your mind?
Are you a spirit—an entity that exists and acts independently from the body and mind and yet is bound to it within a time span called a life?

If your hand is cut off, is it still your hand?
Was it your hand before it was cut off?
Is your hand only yours if you can control it?
Is your hand only yours if you can feel it?
How do you control your hand?
How do you feel your hand?
When your carpel tunnel kicks up, is it you that’s causing that pain?
Are you controlling the tightness in your muscles in your forearm when you pick up a cup?

Is your hair a part of you?
Do you control your hair?
Is your heart a part of you?
Do you control the beating of your heart?
How do you beat your heart?
Is your breath a part of you?
Do you control every inhale and exhale that you take?
How do you breathe?
Is the carbon dioxide you exhale a part of you?

Is the child who is born from a mother a part of her?
Are you a part of your grandparents?
Are you your grandparents?
Are you your mother and father and brother and sister?
When you drive your car, are you the car?
When you play Mega Man 2, are you Mega Man?
Are you the air that comes in your body?
Are you the light waves that enter your eyes?
Are you the sun that touches and warms your skin?
How do you shine the sun?
How do you heat the sun?
Are you the sun?

What are you?

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