Weekly Roundup: March 17-23, 2019

  • 737 MAX:

    A single faulty sensor — a vane on the outside of the fuselage that measures the plane’s “angle of attack,” the angle between the airflow and the wing — triggered MCAS multiple times during the deadly flight, initiating a tug of war as the system repeatedly pushed the nose of the plane down and the pilots wrestled with the controls to pull it back up, before the final crash.


    When time was too short for FAA technical staff to complete a review, sometimes managers either signed off on the documents themselves or delegated their review back to Boeing.

  • Spotify vs. Apple \

  • Speaking of Apple, hold your brains: WWDC19 is on its way!

  • Those little yellow dots on sidewalk corners are called Tenji Blocks. I like telling people that they’re foot massagers installed by kind-hearted municipalities.

  • Otaku’s closest translation from Japanese to English would be geek. I hadn’t given much thought to what “kotaku” means though:

    Since 2005, Kotaku has unabashedly covered Japan from Japan, breaking news and providing a boots-on-the-ground look at the country’s gaming and geek culture. The site’s name, “Kotaku”, is even from a made-up Japanese word with “ko” (小) meaning “small” and “otaku” (オタク) meaning “geek”. Voilà, Kotaku!

  • The Cloud is just another Sun. What a title! 😂 Interesting comparison between the UNIX wars and where we are today.

  • Are 47% of us (2 billion Internet users) using ad blockers?:

    The market is sending a massive message. That message is that advertising online has come to have massively negative value. Ad blocking and tracking protection are legitimate and eloquent messages from demand to supply.

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