• Effective Manager Notes

    This is data from the slides mixed with my notes from the Effective Manager Conference in Boston that I attended on April 17, 2019. An Effective Manager has 2 Responsibilities Results Retention (most turnover is because of in-effective management) 4 Behaviors Know your people Action: One on Ones 40% focused here Talk about performance Action: Feedback 30% focused here Ask for more Action: Coaching 15% focused here Push work down Action: Delegation 15% focused here 3 Types of Power Role: Given by organization; layer of removal, suspicion by Directs, fleeting, doesn’t really get you anything Can work against you Relationships: happens between individuals Expertise Communication Quantity everyone has different quantity that they need over-communication can be spammy needs to be high quality needs to resonate with individuals find out what’s important to them everybody’s favorite topic is themselves Quality we try to be efficient do it in group settings One on Ones Purpose is to build Relationships Encourage Relationships Learn what’s important to Direct Should be focused on Direct’s Issues Manager takes notes What do they highly value?

  • Casual Carpool

    When I had my first job in San Francisco, I was living in Oakland at the time, and my mom suggested I take Casual Carpool. It was what she’d been taking for years before when she had worked in SF as well.

  • How to Blog

    Practicing thinking how to best to provide value As a programmer, I enjoy considering the solution of writing software to solve problems. If I’m trying to help my friends with developing their wardrobe, do I really need to build an app for that?

  • How to stop offering solutions

    You deal with complex problems all day at work, and you’re wired to develop solutions: fixing bugs in your code, optimizing bottlenecks in systems, finding the perfect name to represent an idea in your interface.

  • It's NOT about the nail

    Her: It’s just… there’s all this pressure, you know? Sometimes it feels like it’s right up on me. And I can just feel it, like literally feel it in my head, and it’s relentless and… I don’t know if it’s gonna stop.