Emisar D4v2: Switch Back Light Tint

When ordering the Emisar D4v2 Ti, D4v2 Ti Colorful Series, D4v2 Copper, or D4v2 Brass, you have the option to choose which switch back light tint you’d like on your light.

Currently, the options are:

  • Cool white
  • Warm white
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Red
  • Amber

What do these look like on the light?

D4V2 Button Colors

D4v2 Switch Lights (Dark)

For me, these backlit colored buttons make the light easy to find in the dark and add a lot of character to the D4v2.

What about on the aluminum Emisar D4v2?

The standard aluminum Emisar D4v2’s page does not currently have an option to select a backlit button. Do not be deterred! You can just send an email to Hank at contact@intl-outdoor.com and request for a button with a light on your order at no extra charge.

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